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Real Leadership
Real Results

Responsible Budget

Kelly funded essential services, like public safety and education, put money into savings, and paid a PFD– all without new taxes!

Resource Development

Kelly believes in responsible development of Alaska’s natural resources. She is working to eliminate barriers to growth in our state and promoting the value of investing here.

No New Taxes

Kelly opposes taxing hard-working Alaskans and successfully blocked income tax legislation.

Public Safety

Kelly made our state safer by passing strong legislation to protect Alaskans and hold criminals accountable! She expanded and strengthened domestic violence and sexual assault laws to ensure victims have a voice with prosecution and more timely justice. Kelly added resources allowing for more cases, and more perpetrators to be put behind bars.

Economic Development & Jobs

Kelly knows Alaska’s greatest resource is our people. She is working to grow our economy in all sectors, including mining, oil & gas, fishing, and agriculture, and ensuring Alaskans are trained and ready to fill the jobs to move our economy forward.

Meet Kelly

Senator Kelly Merrick is a lifelong Alaskan serving District L, Chugiak-Eagle River. Kelly is a member of the Senate Finance Committee, as well as the Labor & Commerce, State Affairs, and Joint Armed Service Committees. She chairs the budget subcommittees for the Department of Revenue, Department of Environmental Conservation, and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Her interests include responsible budgeting, natural resource development, public safety, and economic development. Some of Kelly’s goals in the capitol are to heal divisiveness, foster strong bipartisan relationships, and find solutions to move Alaska forward through tough budgetary times. Prior to the Legislature, she worked as a political staffer on both the State and Congressional levels.

When not helping constituents, Kelly can be found at the ice rink, hiking in the Chugach, or working on her next creative project. Kelly and her husband, Joey, have three children, Hunter (18), Brody (17), and Roxie (14), and two black Labradors, Kina and Sammie.

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